Flying Spaceship with shield

After my disastrous Windows experience, I have some new work-in-progress screenshots:

Spaceship with shield Now were getting somewhere

Not only do I now have a cool spaceship with a shield, it can be flown around the map nicely, also note the image with the thrusters on also causes the back of the ship to glow (oooh nice).

The longer you hold theĀ up key the faster it gets until it hits top speed. If you let go of the up key it slows down and eventually stops.

Rotation is controlled by the left and right keys, but don’t expect it to instantly shift the new direction, its existing force keeps going in the same direction until it slows off or an opposing force slows it down.

Stop key? Nope! There is no stop, unless you let it gradually slow and stop or suddenly turn right around and use the thrusters in the opposite direction.

You might also notice the stars are smaller and there are no planets anymore. The planets were ugly and weren’t really that important, since the stars git it enough indication of “space” anyway.

So thats it for this update, up next: LASERS!!!