Game Complete?

A lot of work (and time) has happened since the last update. I have completed the game to the point that it works as a prototype for a real game if I wanted to continue it down the line.

What does it include?

Well as promised in the last update we have lazers!!! You can shoot lazers from your ship at the turrets, but watch out, they will be shooting back at you!

Not only that but I have gone so far as to include lazer and explosion sounds. Did I also mention collision detection? I guess thats pretty important or the explosion sounds wouldn’t make sense.

There were a lot of physics and geometry calculations added so that the lazers shoot in the right direction (with some random spread for inaccuracy) and with the bounce when you hit a turret.

Also I have added gameplay elements like the shield discharging when shot (and recharging after 2 seconds of not being shot or colliding with turrets) the player ship only having a limited number of hits before it explodes and its game over, also winning game over when you kill all the turrets.

And to give it some atmosphere I have also got some cool background music that plays.

So its all done then?

Well why the game code is complete there are just 2 things that I want to do before I publish it.

  1. Allegro sound closing issue
  2. Windows build

Allegro sound closing issue

There is a problem with the Allegro library that when you try and unload the sound extension it locks up the game.

It seems to be a problem with cleaning up the default mixer so I might experiment with adding my own mixer and see if I can fix it.

If I can’t fix this it means that the game doesn’t quit (although I close the window so you can kill it with the force quit easily).

Windows build

I would like to build a Windows version due to the number of people who still use Windows, but to do that I have to setup an environment that I can build it in.

Visual Studio is out of the question as I mentioned in an earlier post due to its lack of c99 support.

That leaves me with setting up either a cygwin or mingw environment.

Having previous experience with cygwin and conflicts between the cygwin1.dll released with the app and one that might already be in the system directories I would prefer to not use it.

That means that over the next day(s) of free time I will be trying to setup a mingw environment and trying to get a build ready.

Screenshots (yay)

Everyone likes screenshots so here are a couple:

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

Looks quite different from the last screenshots right?

Now were getting somewhere