#1GAM Game 2?

So 13 days have passed in this month and I have not posted anything. Does this mean that there is no game this month?

Well the answer to that is no, there is a game this month, I just haven’t got around to writing about it.

This is partially because I’m not that happy with what I chose to do and partially because other projects have demanded more attention.

What is this months game?

The theme for this month was “Doctor”, meaning it the game just needs to reference a doctor of some kind (whether medical or some other doctor).

This month I have chosen to follow that theme and since last month I had a lot of troubles with porting the game and was only in the end able to get it done for Mac OSX Mavericks, I have chosen to go in a much simpler direction.

And so Click Hospital was born.

Click Hospital couldn’t be any more different from Space Shooter, HTML+Javascript instead of C, no physics, no graphics, and very little game logic (relatively).

Click Hospital is what you would callĀ an idle clicker game.

Basically clicking a button earns money which then can be used to purchase things and upgrades that make more money.

There is no end-game so there are no states such as winning or loosing it just continues on, although you could consider it the end when all the possible items and upgrade and achievements are purchased (although there is no limit on the amount of each item that you can purchase, and future updates can unlock more items/upgrades/achievements).

So while the game is inherently pointless, there is something about idle clicking games that is extremely addictive.

Advantages over Space Shooter

So while Click Hospital is much simpler the Space Shooter it also has quite a few advantages.

Because it is written in HTML and Javascript, it is inherently cross platform as you can run it on any system through a web-browser.

Also because only a limited amount of logic is needed for the game to be considered playable, I can make the game available for playing earlier in the month and then expand on the content for the rest of the month.

So where is it?

Ok while I said not much is needed to be considered playable, I have not yet made it to that stage.

There is a little bit of work remaining to get it into that state, but I am quite close.

I expect to have it ready for the initial launch in the next few days so pay attention to the Games section of my website.