Space Shooter

Screenshot 2 Screenshot 1

Space shooter is the first game I developed for the #1GAM competition

The objective of the game is to destroy all the turrets.

The ship can be controlled using the following keys:

  • Up – Accelerate
  • Left – Rotate left
  • Right – Rotate right
  • Space – Fire
  • S – Mute sound
  • T – Toggle outline mode

The shield will fade away when it is being damaged but will recharge after 2 seconds of the ship not being shot.

The ship on the other hand will not recover from damage so be careful when your shield is low.

To win the game you have to kill all the turrets. To help you find them there are “radar” dots around the edge of the screen pointing to the locations of the turrets.

The game can be downloaded here:  (OSX Mavericks only)