Who am I?

Just an anonymous developer who has a passion for coding, and especially games. I have been coding business apps now for 8 years and am trying to start coding games on a more serious level then I previously have.

So you want to make games?

Yes, I have always wanted to make my own computer games since I was a budding developer still in Uni.  Unfortunately I have never had the motivation to see a game to a point I could actually release it (even as a prototype).

So whats the difference now?

Well firstly I have changed my approach.

Firstly, instead of trying to develop a game from the ground-up using nothing but the lowest of libraries like raw OpenGL (or trying to make my own high-level one) I have decided to start using some more complete and high-level libraries like Allegro5.

Secondly, I have Signed up for #1GAM to raise my motivation and connect me with a community of other game developers who can help me with tools and techniques to make me a better game developer.

So why should I care?

You probably won’t but this is not about you, its about me and my attempts to get better at game development.

If you are interested in developing games then I suggest you sign up at #1GAM and have a serious go at it yourself.